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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Do you know where Micronesia is? We do because our special guest today told us where it is! Vermalane's family moved to the United States from Micronesia several years ago. She also shared with us some words in her native language! It sounded beautiful. Vermalane is blessed to have a large family. Her family includes her Mommy, Daddy, 4 sisters and one brother! We can tell that Vermalane is a great big sister because she is so kind and caring towards others. Vermanale has many favorites including: purple, green, her toothbrush holder, America's Funniest Videos, Junie B. Jones books and Chinese food. When Vermalane grows up she would like to be a Zookeeper. One person Vermalane looks up to is her dad! She said she looks up to him because he is a great baseball player. We enjoyed learning all about Vermalane today!

Students have started to really grow in their notetaking skils! Look at the way Brianna has organized her steno pad into sections of "favorites" and "food"! What a great way to oganize your thoughts Brianna! Megan has learned to cross off her steno pad notes as she uses them in her story! Wonderful job Megan!

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