Professional Pictures by Paula Player

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do you know who we interviewed today? Megan! Megan is working towards her yellow belt in Karate! She showed us how to tie a knot on her belt! She has earned several stripes for her hard work! We look forward to hearing when you get your yellow belt Megan! Megan told us that she would like to be a teacher at Forestbrook Middle School just like her mom! Speaking of Megan's mommy, she told us that her mommy is a twin! That means Megan's Aunt and her Mom look just alike! But, Megan said she can tell them apart! Good thing, Megan! Megan enjoys being with her family. Her family includes her Mom, Dad and brother Scott. She likes to play with Tinker Toys, her Teddy bear, and on her Wii! We enjoyed all the wonderful things we learned about Megan today!

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