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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Allen Scott Ledford

Oh my goodness, we are amazed! Allen Scott made it sound like there were ducks in our classroom. Allen Scott has an amazing talent. He can do all kinds of duck calls. He told us that it takes a lot of practice and he spends a lot of time after school working on them! He showed us 4 different calls. Then, he shared with us several duck tags and a special medal he won while hunting. Allen Scott is very knowledgeable about the tools a hunter needs! He explained to us how much his family has worked with him to be responsible with his hunting gear. He also talked about the importance of knowing the hunting laws to keep people safe! Allen Scott said he might want to work for the Department of Natural Resources as a Deputy when he is older. Allen Scott loves his family very much. He is the oldest of three children. His younger brother, Colton is learning how to become a hunter as well. His younger sister is named Chloe. When he is not hunting, Allen Scott enjoys going to the waterpark, playing outside, fishing and watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball! We enjoyed getting to know Allen Scott today!

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