Professional Pictures by Paula Player

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. Bob Mitchell, MiKayla's Special Guest

This past Thursday we met Mr. Bob Mitchell, MiKayla’s very special Papa. Mr. Mitchell was born in Anderson, Missouri. He served in the United States Air Force for 20 years as a navigator. He has traveled all around the world with the Air Force. He is now in the clothing business. He is passionate about his family, basketball and photography! MiKayla adores her Papa and they share a very special bond. They shared with the class a wonderful song called, “MiKayla’s Alphabet” and they sang it for us twice! We enjoyed it so much! What a wonderful time we had interviewing Mr. Bob Mitchell, MiKayla’s Papa!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mrs. Beks Torres, Cherish's Special Guest

Cherish invited a very special guest to our classroom today. Today we met Mrs. Beks Torres known as “Tia Torres” to Cherish. Mrs. Torres is passionate about rescuing animals. She has a big heart for dogs! We saw pictures of Rufus, Bear, Zoe, Ariyel, Duke, Hurley and Isabelle. They are all very special rescued animals that Mrs. Torres saved. We even got to meet one of the rescued dogs. Her name is Hurley and she has been adopted by the Torres family. Mrs. Torres gave us an important message to remember that we should “treat animals like animals and not like people”. She loves to read and research about dogs. She has inspired many of us to learn more about animals and we enjoyed her special interview today!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mrs. Tara Morgan

Do you know who we met today? We met a very special person in Ian Morgan's life. We met his mom! Mrs. Tara Morgan is a nurse at The Grand Strand Health Care Center. She is passionate about helping others. Mrs. Morgan shared with us that her mother and father moved from Ireland to a rural town in Connecticut just before she was born! Mrs. Morgan grew up in Connecticut and she and Mr. Morgan decided to move to the beach about four years ago. She has since convinced Ian's grandparents to move closer and they now live in South Carolina, too! Mrs. Morgan loves to spend time with her family. They especially love to go to the beach together! We truly enjoyed learning about Mrs. Tara today. She taught us so much about caring for others! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today Mrs. Tara!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mrs. Ikea Simmons

Today we met Mrs. Ikea Simmons, Ivonte's special guest. Mrs. Ikea is Ivonte's mom. She is a travelling nurse and works for a company called Home Instead. Mrs. Ikea's job enables her to help people and travel all around the country at the same time! She has a huge heart for those in need! One thing she told us to remember is, "hard work pays off!". Mrs. Ikea, we are so glad you were able to join us today! Thank you for coming and sharing your heart's story with the class.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cindy Sudowski, Jaida's Special Guest

On November 11th we met Mrs. Cindy Sudowski. She is Jaida's Nana. Mrs. Sudowski works from home as a graphic designer. She is very creative and talented! You can see her work in many local newspapers and magazines like South Carolina Women, Transitions and Parent magazine. Mrs. Cindy is married and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. They are all very precious to her! One thing is for sure, Mrs. Sudowski is very special to Jaida! We enjoyed her interview very much.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

G.A.P. Creative Collaboration Grant for Artists and Non Profits

Hearts' Stories has been awarded a $1,000 grant by a local Non Profit called The Global Awareness Project. Their goal for the grant is to offer a creative representation of our program and exhibit the artist's (photographer's) talent as well as the students' incredible work! The grant will enable a local photographer named Paula Player to capture and document our Hearts' Stories program in three Forestbrook Elementary School classrooms. Although Hearts' Stories has caught on district wide and is in several classrooms across the state, the photograpic documentary will focus on Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Costner's and Mrs. Pon's second grade classrooms. I look forward to sharing the first pictures very soon!

This picture is from The Global Awareness Project's Annual Art Show where the award was presented to our Non Profit, Hearts' Stories: A Vision for Change.

Dash's Special Guest, Mr. Mark Stevanovich

Today we met Dash's special guest Mr. Mark Stevanovich. Mr. Mark is Dash's dad! Mr. Mark used to work creating voice overs for radio commericals and TV ads. He is so talented and we loved hearing all of his different voices! It was especially impressive because his first language is German, not English! Mr. Mark eventually changed careers and began working with the Naval Information systems and Diaster Recovery. He uses the Lifeskill of problem solving everyday in his job! To learn more about his family, hobbies, and more interesting facts, you'll have to read his story that the children wrote! We sincerely enjoyed learning about Mr. Mark Stevanovich!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mr. Scott Thompson, Olivia's Special Guest

Today we met Mr. Scott Thompson! He has many jobs in our community. Besides being Olivia's daddy, he is a pilot and a farmer. He brought "Cookie" a 10 month old goat from their family farm, Thompson Farms, to meet us today! Cookie was so kind to let us all pet him! Thank you for sharing with us today!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Teachers, I want to encourage you to check out Donor's Choose! This year, I submitted a proposal for the first time to raise support to purchase steno pads, card stock and new crayons for our classroom. With the kindness and generousity of local community members we met our goal! I'd like to thank these donors who made it possible for each child to have their own steno pad in my class this year.

Rob Edwards
Harry Dill
Dan Sine
Courtney Kepple

Thank you for your generosity!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. Johnny Calder, Class Special Guest

October 8th, 2009

Mr. Johnny Calder, our principal, came as our very first special guest. We did such a great job taking notes and being fabulous reporters. Mr. Calder helped us understand what a huge responsibility it is to run a school! We role played to gain a new perspective on how challenging his job can be! We also enjoyed hearing about Mr. Calder's family, hobbies and past. How lucky we were to have Mr. Calder give up time in his very busy schedule to come and be interviewed by our class!

Srgt. Bart Viers, Tristen's Special Guest

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Sgt. Bart Viers came to our classroom today as Tristan's special guest. He is Tristen's dad.

Sgt. Viers is a solider in the National Guard. He explained what it is like to be a solider who is far away from his family while protecting our country. He gave the class money from Iraq and a flag to help us remember and honor those who are protecting our freedom. He was a very special guest and we enjoyed his interview.

Mr. Frank Peters, Alex's Special Guest

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Mr. Frank Peters came to our classroom today! He is Alex's Uncle. Mr. Peters is very special to Alex. Mr. Frank is a Harley Davidson expert! His job is to build and fix motorcycles. In his spare time he loves to play his guitar. Mr. Frank Peters told the class to always remember, "if you have tried, you have succeeded." We enjoyed his interview!