Professional Pictures by Paula Player

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. Oltrino Alfons, Vermalane's Special Guest

After travelling for over 24 hours by an airplane, Mr. Alfons finally arrived in the United States of America from Micronesia! That was almost 10 years ago! Micronesia is made of many islands in the South Pacific! Mr. Alfons, Vermalane's special guest, shared that he misses the beaches, warm water and fishing that he could do in his home land. However, he truly enjoys the many opportunities he has found here in South Carolina. He has worked for many years as a chef at Miyabi's! After many, many hours of practice he learned tricks to perform and special ways to prepare food! When Mr. Alfons is not working he enjoys spending time with his family. Together they like to go to Family Kingdom, go out to eat or just be together! Mr. Alfons also enjoys golfing and going to the gym. Next time I would like to go out to eat, I think we will head to North Myrtle Beach to see Mr. Alfons in action at Miyabi's!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ms. Heather Boykin. Maddy's Special Guest

Can you imagine having a job where you could look out your window and see the ocean every day? Ms. Heather Boykin can at her job at the Beach Club Hotel! She works at the front desk helping vacationers and traveller! She shared with us that you have to be helpful, patient, informed about the area and very friendly to do her job well. Ms. Heather is also in school to become a police officer! She is a busy person! When she is not working or in school, Ms. Heather enjoys spending time with Maddy. Together they enjoy going to the zoo and just spending time together! Her hobbies include kickboxing, reading, watching TV and going to the movies. We enjoyed learning all about Ms. Heather today!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mrs. Rebecca Burstein

Our class had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Rebecca Burstein today. Mrs. Rebecca is very passionate about music which makes working at the House of Blues an amazing job for her! She is a training manager for all employees who work there. In class we took some time to apply this to our own classroom jobs! We talked about how important it is to have someone who knows how to do a job teach it to someone who doesn't know how to do the job yet. We learned today that the House of Blues is also a Folk Art Gallery, Music Hall and restaurant! Besides her work, she enjoys many other things in her life - especially her family! She has three boys, Colin, Gavin and Logan and one girl, Olivia! They love to go to the beach together. We enjoyed our time with Mrs. Rebecca today. She made us so hungry sharing about all of the great food served at the House of Blues! Maybe one day you can visit her there! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today Mrs. Rebecca!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mr. Josh Campbell, Zoe's Special Guest

On Thursday, March 3rd our class had the oppoortunity to interview Mr. Josh Campbell, Zoe's dad. He shared with us that he grew up in the mountains for Martinsville, Virginia. When he was 1o yeards old, his family invested in a hotel in Myrtle Beach and moved! He told us it was a big change for a little boy who was used to living in the middle of nowhere! Once in Myrtle Beach, he attended St. Andrews Catholic School and Myrtle Beach high school. After high school he decided to pursue his career as a funeral home director by going to college in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Campbell told us that he was inspired to become a funeral home director at a young age while attending his grandpa's funeral. He felt like the funeral home did a wonderful job honoring his grandpa through the funeral. Mr. Campbell shows compassion and kindness to all of the families he works with while planning their loved one's funeral. When Mr. Campbell is not working, he enjoys being with his family. One of their favorite activites is going boating! They love to go tubing and fishing together! Today we learned so much about Mr. Campbell's job, his family and many other interesting facts! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today!