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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mr. Josh Campbell, Zoe's Special Guest

On Thursday, March 3rd our class had the oppoortunity to interview Mr. Josh Campbell, Zoe's dad. He shared with us that he grew up in the mountains for Martinsville, Virginia. When he was 1o yeards old, his family invested in a hotel in Myrtle Beach and moved! He told us it was a big change for a little boy who was used to living in the middle of nowhere! Once in Myrtle Beach, he attended St. Andrews Catholic School and Myrtle Beach high school. After high school he decided to pursue his career as a funeral home director by going to college in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Campbell told us that he was inspired to become a funeral home director at a young age while attending his grandpa's funeral. He felt like the funeral home did a wonderful job honoring his grandpa through the funeral. Mr. Campbell shows compassion and kindness to all of the families he works with while planning their loved one's funeral. When Mr. Campbell is not working, he enjoys being with his family. One of their favorite activites is going boating! They love to go tubing and fishing together! Today we learned so much about Mr. Campbell's job, his family and many other interesting facts! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today!

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  1. This might be my favorite guest, but then again I am biased. :)