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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mrs. Kerri Cox-Stiverson, Brianna's Speial Guest

It’s time to go to the beach! I had better get my sunscreen on the way to the beach today. I think I will stop at the store. Oh, did you know that Mrs. Kerri, Brianna’s mom is the person who supplies the stores with sunscreen? I wonder which one I should get? I think I will pick one that is a high SPF to protect my skin from the sun. Mrs. Kerri told me today that an SPF of 85 will help keep my skin safe but that I need to reapply it every hour and half. When Mrs. Kerri is not working she loves to spend time with Brianna and her husband. I am thankful that I learned how to keep my skin safe today by listening to our special guest Mrs. Kerri.

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