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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mrs. Nicole Kassen, Dominic's Special Guest

If I ever need to go to the hospital, I will go to the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. While I'm there, I hope my nurse will be Mrs. Kassen. Did you know that Mrs. Kassen's job is being a nurse? Most nurses have a uniform that includes white shoes, white pants and a white shirt. Now you know how to identify most nurses at the hospital! Mrs. Kassen has known from a very young age that she wanted to be a nurse. Besides her job, Mrs. Kassen has many hobbies that includes reading, exercising, and walking on the beach! After growing up in the middle of the United States of America in Nebraska, Mrs. Kassen has grown a deep appreciation for living near an ocean! She truly enjoys living so close to the beach now! Mrs. Kassen enjoys a family tradition of eating Sunday dinner together each week with her family. We learned through her interview that Mrs. Kassen has a gift for helping others. Hopefully, she has inspired some of us to be more like her and help others in any way we can! Who knows, maybe one day, someone in our class will become a nurse just like her! Thank you for sharing your heart today Mrs. Kassen!

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