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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Do you know where Micronesia is? We do because our special guest today told us where it is! Vermalane's family moved to the United States from Micronesia several years ago. She also shared with us some words in her native language! It sounded beautiful. Vermalane is blessed to have a large family. Her family includes her Mommy, Daddy, 4 sisters and one brother! We can tell that Vermalane is a great big sister because she is so kind and caring towards others. Vermanale has many favorites including: purple, green, her toothbrush holder, America's Funniest Videos, Junie B. Jones books and Chinese food. When Vermalane grows up she would like to be a Zookeeper. One person Vermalane looks up to is her dad! She said she looks up to him because he is a great baseball player. We enjoyed learning all about Vermalane today!

Students have started to really grow in their notetaking skils! Look at the way Brianna has organized her steno pad into sections of "favorites" and "food"! What a great way to oganize your thoughts Brianna! Megan has learned to cross off her steno pad notes as she uses them in her story! Wonderful job Megan!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Air is all around us!

Here are a few pictures from our first experiment with air! Today we learned that air is all around us. We experimented with a plastic bag, straw, foam ball, cotton ball, feather, and balloon. I hope your child came home from school today and shared what they learned! Tomorrow we will begin to understand how air creates weather through our reading and reflections on our experiment.


Today we met someone who would like to grow up to be a professional football player! Do you know who it is? He plays on the Little League football team named the Gamecocks! It is Sammy! Sammy would like to play either quarterback or running back when he grows up. Sammy told us that his family is his Mommy, Daddy, and brother Edward. He also has three dogs Sadie, Nala and Atos. Some of Sam's favorite's include: his Wii, pizza, blue, writing, math, and playing football! Sam told us that he really looks up to his Dad and would like to be like him one day. We enjoyed learning all about Sammy today!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today we interviewed a very special guest named Reagan! Reagan is orginally from Ohio. She moved to Myrtle Beach over the summer. She shared with us how it can be difficult to move away from friends but how exciting it is to make new friends here.She keeps in touch with her friends in Ohio by writing them! They have formed a "Flat Stanley" kind of Pen Pal club. Reagan has a bunny that her grandma gave to her called "Lamby". This is one of her most cherished toys! In addition to her Lamb, Reagan loves playing her nintendo Wii! Reagan's family enjoys trips to the beach. Recently she found a sand dollar in the sand at the beach! Reagan told us that she lives with her Mommy, Daddy, sister Rachel and two cats, Whiskers and Nikky. When Reagan grows up, she would like to be a teacher! I know she will make a wonderful teacher! We truly enjoyed learning all about you today Reagan!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annual T-Shirt Sale

Dear Parents,

As you know, your child is participating in a very special program this year called Hearts’ Stories. Starting very soon, members from the community, parents, grandparents and relatives will be invited by students to come into our classroom to be interviewed. These classroom interviews will be held once a week and we call these days “Hearts Stories” days. We will wear special t-shirts to show our classroom community and pride in what we are doing! These t-shirts can be worn to school each week on the “Hearts’ Stories” day. Then, all of the children participating in this program at this school will wear their t-shirt to our big end of the year Hearts’ Stories Family and Community Celebration. In addition, it is always a joy to see past students in 3rd, 4th and even 5th grade in Hearts’ Stories shirts from when they were in second grade!

Look for a letter and order form that explains t-shirt sizes and prices coming home in your child's FROGS folder this week. T-shirt orders will be due on October 8th, 2010. If you are currently unable to purchase a shirt for your child but would like for them to have one, please indicate that on the order form. If you are able to make a $10 donation for a child who may not be able to purchase a shirt, please indicate that on the order form. The sale of the t-shirts helps to purchase supplies needed for the program and also shows our amazing community being built through the Hearts’ Stories program!

Most sincerely,
Mrs. Edwards

PS. Hearts' Stories was incorporated into a State of South Carolina Non-Profit Organization three years ago to support teachers and their students in this wonderful program!

Accepting Cash and Checks made out to "Hearts' Stories"

($10) Youth Sizes Small -Large
($10) Adult Sizes Small- X-Large
($13) *Adult Plus Sizes XX-Large-XXX-Large

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today we met someone who is originally from Pennsylvania! Do you know who that is? It is Olivia! Olivia was born in Pennsylvania on January 30th, 2003. This past summer she returned to Pennsylvania to visit her relatives. Together, they visited the Pittsburgh Zoo. Olivia got to stand next to a huge elephant and have her picture taken! She said that was very neat and even a little scary. Her Aunt made her a very special memory book of her trip to Pittsburgh. Speaking of books, Olivia is an author and illustrator! She made a book called The Little Dew Mouse to explain why dew is on the ground! It is an incredible story! Some of Olivia's favorites include: pink, purple, chicken nuggets, math, the beach, and the Disney Channel. Olivia told us that her family is very special to her. She lives with her Mommy, Daddy, big brother Matthew, little brother Ben and her sister, Annalis. We enjoyed Olivia's interview today.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Do you know who loves Jimmy Johnson? Landon! Landon enjoys watching Nascar and likes to cheer for the number 48 car! He also has a passion for hunting and showed the class a picture of his first doe. Landon told us that he lives with his Step dad, Mom, and little brother Jackson. We could tell he dearly loves his little brother by the way he smiled when he talked about Jackson. Some of Landon's favorites include, steak, Magic Treehouse books, playing his xbox and wii, as well as the color blue! He showed us a very special shark tooth necklace that his dad gave to him. We learned so much about Landon today! We hope you did too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Do you know who would like to maybe build ships in the military one day?! We do! Duncan! Duncan is a very talented artist who likes to draw and build things! Over the summer, Duncan visited the Battleship North Carolina. His visit there inspired him to build a model of the battleship out of Le gos! Duncan shared his creation with the class today. He also showed us a small fighter jet called "Green Thunder" and said that he enjoyed visiting the Aircraft Carrier, the U.S.S Yorktown in Charleston. Duncan is extremely interested in our history and the battles that we have fought! Some of Duncan's other interests include: Lego's, his stuffed animal squirrel, the color yellow, spaghetti, Tom and Jerry and his family. He was born on March 29th in Massachusetts. He lives with his Mommy, Daddy and brother Tanner. Duncan's Daddy is able to travel to many places around the world with his job on the "Miss Hayley" boat. Duncan is very proud of his Daddy and can't wait to see him again soon. I hope you enjoyed learning all about Duncan today!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Do you know that someone in our class was born in Morocco? Her name is Malak! We learned so much about her today. She told us that she loves to write in her diary. In her diary she writes and draws about things that are important to her. Malak told us that she lives with her Daddy, Mommy, brother Walid and baby brother Adam. Some of her favorites include: Barbies, singing, writing, drawing, cats, Disney Channel and Mac and Cheese! Malak would like to be a doctor and a singer when she grows up! We truly enjoyed learning all about Malak today!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hola! Today we met Michael! Michael told us that he was born in Mexico. He is very talented and can speak two languages! Michael taught us how to count to ten in Spanish! Michael lives with his mother and his little brother Allen. He loves his family very much. They took a special trip to Disney World together. While in Disney, Michael went to a Sea World show and a petting zoo! Michael also loves the color red, McDonalds and mac and cheese! Michael hopes to be a police man when he grows up because he likes helping others! We enjoyed our special guest today!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Today we met someone who has the nickname Little Bear! Do you know why? Today we met Ian and his ancestors are Native Americans. He told us that he has the name "Little Bear" as an Indian nickname. Ian enjoys wearing his special Native American necklace. He told the class that he lives with his Mom, dog, Peanut, and cat, Scarlet. Ian enjoys playing outside with his mom and the way she helps him with his homework. Ian loves to build with his Lego's. In his spare time he enjoys reading. He received a medal for his reading this summer! Some of Ian's favorites include: pizza, the color red, recess, learning, playing guitar and collecting dragons! We enjoyed meeting you today, Little Bear! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Do you know who we interviewed today? Megan! Megan is working towards her yellow belt in Karate! She showed us how to tie a knot on her belt! She has earned several stripes for her hard work! We look forward to hearing when you get your yellow belt Megan! Megan told us that she would like to be a teacher at Forestbrook Middle School just like her mom! Speaking of Megan's mommy, she told us that her mommy is a twin! That means Megan's Aunt and her Mom look just alike! But, Megan said she can tell them apart! Good thing, Megan! Megan enjoys being with her family. Her family includes her Mom, Dad and brother Scott. She likes to play with Tinker Toys, her Teddy bear, and on her Wii! We enjoyed all the wonderful things we learned about Megan today!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Allen Scott Ledford

Oh my goodness, we are amazed! Allen Scott made it sound like there were ducks in our classroom. Allen Scott has an amazing talent. He can do all kinds of duck calls. He told us that it takes a lot of practice and he spends a lot of time after school working on them! He showed us 4 different calls. Then, he shared with us several duck tags and a special medal he won while hunting. Allen Scott is very knowledgeable about the tools a hunter needs! He explained to us how much his family has worked with him to be responsible with his hunting gear. He also talked about the importance of knowing the hunting laws to keep people safe! Allen Scott said he might want to work for the Department of Natural Resources as a Deputy when he is older. Allen Scott loves his family very much. He is the oldest of three children. His younger brother, Colton is learning how to become a hunter as well. His younger sister is named Chloe. When he is not hunting, Allen Scott enjoys going to the waterpark, playing outside, fishing and watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball! We enjoyed getting to know Allen Scott today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you know who was born on April 18th, 2003? Our special guest, Joshua! Joshua enjoys playing Legos, his Wii, and with his Backugons. Joshua's favorites also include, the color red, eating chicken, watching football (the Panther's and the Patriot's) and watching Sponge Bob! Joshua said he would like to take over his father's buisness when he is a grown up. He told us his company is called J.L's Pressure Washing. I know who I'll call next time my house needs cleaned! Joshua loves to read! Today I told you all about your special guest, Joshua!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we interviewed someone who would like to be a biologist when they grow up! Do you know who that is? It is Emily! Emily loves animals and hopes to study them as a biologist when she is older. She said if she is not a biologist then she would like to be a singer! Emily has many favorites including: the color red, her pets, Taylor Swift, bowling, movies, horses and creamy chicken and rice! Emily was born on November 19th. She enjoys spending time with her family. Do you want to meet Emily now? I'm sure you do!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Today we interviewed Presley! Do you know that Presley would like to be a professional baseball player when she grows up? She has been playing now for 3 years and showed us a medal she got for her great effort! Presley also enjoys being with her family. She is the oldest of three girls! Some of Presleys favorite's include: blue, ladybugs, playing outside and mac and cheese! We were able to hear all about Animal Kingdom today thanks to Presley! She told us how amazing it is and brought in a few things that she got while she was there. Presley even told us that you could feed the giraffe's from your balcony! How cool! We enjoyed our special guest today!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today we met the most wonderful guest! Today we met Dominic! Dominic loves his family very much. He told us that his family includes his mommy, daddy, and two big brothers. He has many pets in his family as well! He has a special lovebird named Squeakers and a dog named Zoey. He also has fish! Dominic loves to play with balls, legos and be outside! We truly enjoyed learning all about Dominic today! What a wonderful interview!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brianna D.

Can you believe that we met someone who wants to be a singer when she grows up?! Today we met Brianna D! She loves to sing! Brianna also enjoys watching T.V., especially the program called iCarly! Brianna's family includes her Mommy, Daddy and two brothers! Her brothers are older than her and their names are Zachery and Caleb. Brianna enjoys spending time with her family. She shared pictures with the class of two special trips she took with them. She has been to the N.C. Aquarium and to Chucky Cheese recently with her family! Some of Brianna's favorites include: Barbies, playing outside, black and pink, and macaroni and cheese! Brianna has one cat named "Sam I am"! How cute! Today we enjoyed interviewing Brianna!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Do you know who we met today? We met Cap! Cap told us something that is very special about himself - he is an only child! He loves his family very much. He has one pet, his turtle, named Ferb. He showed us several things that he loves and enjoys! The first thing he showed us is a picture of him driving a boat! He went to visit his Uncle Bill and Aunt Jill this summer and it was their boat he was driving! How fun! He also showed us a NCAA baseball that he got while at a Coastal Carolina baseball game. Some of Cap's favorites include: Legos, Star Wars, pizza, Magic Treehouse books, and the color red. Cap would like to make movies when he grows up because it has been such a long time since the last Star Wars movie was made that he would like to make a new one! Cap also enjoys watching wrestling. He went to wrestling camp and recieved a medal for his great work! We learned so much about Cap today! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today, Cap!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Brianna C.

Did you know that we met a very special person today? Today our class interviewed Brianna C. She is a very artistic person! She loves to draw and write. Brianna shared that she enjoys cheerleading, playing outside and watching TV. Her favorite TV show is Sponge Bob Square Pants. Brianna has many favorites which include: the color pink, chicken nuggets, horses and Polly Pocket toys. Today she told us about some very special people in her life. Her Papa is very important to her. He makes tropheys and made her one that says "Papa's Little Princess". I think Brianna is pretty special to her Papa!! Brianna also enjoys spending time with her mommy and Shane. Brianna said she would like to be a vet or a preacher when she grows up. We enjoyed getting to know Brianna C. today!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoe Campbell

Today we met a very special friend. Her name is Zoe! Zoe has a very kind heart and is a friend to all. Today we learned all about Zoe. She loves animals and thinks she may enjoy becoming a vet when she grows up. For now, she takes care of her cat, dog and one puppy. Zoe enjoys playing with her pets, being with her friends and tap dancing! She brought her tap shoes to school to show us! Zoe told us that she lives with her mommy, daddy, sister Bella and her grandma! We are enjoying learning all about each others families. Today we truly enjoyed learning all about Zoe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today we met a very special person. His name is Colin! Colin told us that he has a big family! He is one of six children in his family. Colin is very responsible and told us that he has to take care of his pets. He has 3 hamsters and 4 turtles to help take care of at his house. Colin loves to play. He enjoys Bakugans, Mighty Beans, baseball and football. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets and hamburgers. Colin told us that he would like to be a writer or an artist when he grows up! We enjoyed learning all about Colin today!