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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brianna D.

Can you believe that we met someone who wants to be a singer when she grows up?! Today we met Brianna D! She loves to sing! Brianna also enjoys watching T.V., especially the program called iCarly! Brianna's family includes her Mommy, Daddy and two brothers! Her brothers are older than her and their names are Zachery and Caleb. Brianna enjoys spending time with her family. She shared pictures with the class of two special trips she took with them. She has been to the N.C. Aquarium and to Chucky Cheese recently with her family! Some of Brianna's favorites include: Barbies, playing outside, black and pink, and macaroni and cheese! Brianna has one cat named "Sam I am"! How cute! Today we enjoyed interviewing Brianna!

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