Professional Pictures by Paula Player

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today we met someone who would like to grow up to be a professional football player! Do you know who it is? He plays on the Little League football team named the Gamecocks! It is Sammy! Sammy would like to play either quarterback or running back when he grows up. Sammy told us that his family is his Mommy, Daddy, and brother Edward. He also has three dogs Sadie, Nala and Atos. Some of Sam's favorite's include: his Wii, pizza, blue, writing, math, and playing football! Sam told us that he really looks up to his Dad and would like to be like him one day. We enjoyed learning all about Sammy today!


  1. What a great interview! We love you, Sammy!!

  2. Sammy, I am so proud of you son! You are doing a fantastic job in school. Keep up the good work.