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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mr. Dan Deluca, Mike's Special Guest

In need of a new, used car? We know just the person to help you! Mike's grandpa Mr. Dan Deluca will help you find the perfect car! When Mr. Deluca is not busy buying and selling used cars, he loves to spend time with his family. He has 4 grown children of his own and 11 grandchildren! Mr. Deluca and his wife especially enjoy travelling to Italy. They hope to go again very soon. It was a true joy learning all about Mr. Deluca's life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Great Kapok Tree Children’s theatre comes to the Academy!

Children’s theatre comes to the Academy!
Two Nights only!
April 13th & 14th at 7:00 PM

Located at 895 International Drive, Myrtle Beach SC. Ticket Price: $5.00
Call 843-903-8064

The Academy for the Arts. Science, & Technology is at it again! A massive collaborative effort is happening at the school that our community should know about. Academy students have created their own play based on the children’s book The Great Kapok Tree. Literally every major at the school a contributed to the production and at least twelve hundred area primary, elementary, and middle school children will get a chance to see it. The characters in the play, animals that inhabit the tropical rain forest, help to convince man NOT to cut down the great tree, or their home, through dance, movement and dialogue. The evening promises to be colorful and entertaining and one that area children will love to see.
This “Kapok” project started as a small seed that has literally grown into a huge production and a great tree. The Education students introduced the idea of The Great Kapok Tree, written by Lynn Cherry, to the Dance students and they in turn thought what a fantastic way to introduce movement to younger audiences. When the dancers approached the Theatre students about creating the set, things blossomed even more. The theatre students realized the potential to use their own skills in adaptation, design, script writing, costuming, make-up, and stage management, and the growing and learning process became the driving force behind the performance. As word spread through the school, others became involved. The Advanced Art students and Environmental Science students quickly became interested and have made huge contributions. Quite literally, every major and the Connect students have contributed to the creative process in this event.

Photos of students building the great kapok tree and student dancers and actors in costume.(Photo credit- S. Wildt)

The Great Kapok Tree

On Friday, our class will travel to the AAST to see The Great Kapok Tree and to learn and grow with Ms. Sellers! Today Ms. Sellers and Ms. Madison came to help us get ready for our trip. After Ms.Sellers read the story, The Great Kapok Tree, to us the students made animal masks! They thought about the animals they saw in the story and picked one to "become" on Friday through their mask. Then, the students made
t-shirts to wear Friday! Finally, they reviewed all about the different animals that will come to life as characters in the play! More pictures will be coming soon. Many thanks to Ms. Sellers, Ms. Madison and the AAST. We cannot wait for our trip this Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. Scott Ledford, Allen Scott's Special Guest

Mr. Scott Ledford came today to share his story with us. Mr. Ledford is a SC State Trooper. He is a part of a specialized group of officers called "A.C.E" (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement). He shared with us that he has to be extremely flexible because of his position he can be called at any moment to travel anywhere in the state to work. Mr. Ledford told us that growing up he loved to be outdoors and especially loved riding motorcyles! That serves him well in his career because he works as a state trooper on a motorcycle! He brought it to school and showed us the many tools it has on it. He even drove it around our school parking lot so we could see him in action. Mr. Ledford also owns a landscaping company and Ledford Outdoors. As you can see, he is very busy. When he does have free time he is spending it with his family outdoors! Together, they love to hike, camp, and hunt! His family is very important to him. We loved learning all Mr. Ledford today.