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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ms. Traci Magri, Jake's Special Guest

Ms. Traci Magri came today as Jake's special guest. She has a huge heart and truly loves to help others! Ms. Traci's job is a full time stay at home mom. She used to be a Science teacher. Her sons, Jake and Noah make her so proud. We were lucky to be able to meet Noah during Ms. Traci's interview. Noah is Jake's little brother. Ms. Traci has many passions in her life. She loves the ocean and taking Jake to surf. Ms. Traci's message to us was to be kind to one another and to go out of our way to help people in need! It was a true pleasure interviewing Ms. Traci Magri today!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. KJ Mann, Logan's Special Guest

We were delighted to meet Logan's daddy, Mr. KJ Mann. Mr. Mann loves to spend time with Logan. Together, they like to play on the playstation and play football. Mr. Mann is originally from Indiana. He was in the army for four years. Mr. Mann has a great passion for helping people which led him to become a police officer. He has been with the police force for 16 years! He works with a German Shepherd named Recon who is trained to find explosives. Together they keep us very safe! Mr. Mann has a unique connection to Hearts' Stories. Three years ago, his partner in the police force, Mr. Tucker, was a special guest for Hearts' Stories as well! Mr. Tucker's son wrote a story about his dad and mentioned his partner Mr. KJ! What a pleasure it was getting to meet Mr. Mann. Hopefully some day we will be able to meet Recon! The children have created wonderful stories about Mr. Mann and his dog Recon that we will add to our special collection! Mr. Mann, we thank you for sharing your story with us and for all you do to keep our community safe!

Please visit this link to read about Mr. Mann's partner Mr. Tucker and his dog Atos from three years ago. Click on "Mrs. Edwards' Class" then on "Edward's Story"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mrs. Shelley Marshall, Hunter's Special Guest

Today we met a very special person to Hunter Marshall - his mom! Mrs. Shelley Marshall shared her story with our class today. She has had many jobs in the community from Sally's Beauty Supplies, Dairy Queen, a Pancake House and as a babysitter. However, her most important job and favorite job is now being a stay at home mom. She loves to see Hunter succeed and make great choices.

Mrs. Marshall's hobbies are baking and reading. She likes to bake all kinds of desserts, especially brownies. Mrs. Marshall's favorite thing to do is to read a wonderful book! She told our class that "there is no place you can't go in a book!" She loves to travel to many places in her mind as she becomes lost in a great book. What a wonderful reader she is!

What a wonderful time we had interviewing Mrs. Marshall today. We really enjoyed her time with our class.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mrs. Paula McGowan, Cheyenne's Special Guest

Mrs. Paula McGowan, Cheyenne's special guest, is a very well known person at Forestbrook Elementary School! Her job in the community is substituting at Forestbrook! She has a huge heart for children and feels like a part of the "Forestbrook Family". Mrs. McGowan used to be very passionate about horses. She grew up on a farm where she had many responsibilities of taking care of the animals. It was then that she learned to ride and show horses. After graduating from High School, Mrs. McGowan went to Francis Marion University and upon graduating went into the Banking industry.

Mrs. McGowan shared with our class that she was adopted as a baby. What a precious gift she must have been and still is to her parents! Mrs. McGowan brought another very important "person" with her during her interview. Lexi, a Border Collie! Lexi is one of the McGowan's beloved pets. She was such a well behaved and pleasant dog! We enjoyed meeting her and learning all about Mrs. McGowan!