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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr. Scott Ledford, Allen Scott's Special Guest

Mr. Scott Ledford came today to share his story with us. Mr. Ledford is a SC State Trooper. He is a part of a specialized group of officers called "A.C.E" (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement). He shared with us that he has to be extremely flexible because of his position he can be called at any moment to travel anywhere in the state to work. Mr. Ledford told us that growing up he loved to be outdoors and especially loved riding motorcyles! That serves him well in his career because he works as a state trooper on a motorcycle! He brought it to school and showed us the many tools it has on it. He even drove it around our school parking lot so we could see him in action. Mr. Ledford also owns a landscaping company and Ledford Outdoors. As you can see, he is very busy. When he does have free time he is spending it with his family outdoors! Together, they love to hike, camp, and hunt! His family is very important to him. We loved learning all Mr. Ledford today.

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