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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr. Bill Boggs, Cap's Special Guest

Our special guest today came all the way from Virginia to be with us! I wonder if he drove his car here or maybe flew a plane. A plane, you ask? Yes! Today we interviewed Mr. Bill Boggs, Cap's special guest. Not only is he a pilot, he is also a flight instructor with the F.A.A. As a child Mr. Bill's father took him to an air show where he found his inspiration to become a pilot! He told us that as second graders we are already learning the basics to flying; weather, angles, and taking notes. We know there are many other things we would need to learn but it was exciting to hear that we are learning about skills he uses in his job. We also role played how important it is for pilots to communicate with Air Traffic Control and scenarios of situations that could occur during flights. Mr. Bill works with the Civil Air Patrol whose job is to help planes who have lost contact with Air Traffic Control or are experiencing another emergency situations. When Mr. Bill is not working he enjoys spending time with his family. They especially like to visit the beach. Mr. Bill grew up as the youngest of five children in his family in Greenville, South Carolina! Some of his favorite things are the color blue, Italian food and his 3 cats. Mr. Bill fascinated us with is job as a pilot. We were so interested in his special tools that he uses to navigate his planes in the sky. We are so thankful he and his wife made the trip from Virginia to be with our class today as Cap's special guest! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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