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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mrs. Susan Tucker, Sammy's Special Guest 10-14-10

The story of Mrs. Susan Tucker begins in Long Island New York on September 4th, 1973 - her birthday! Although Mrs. Tucker was born in New York she grew up in Florida and lived there until she left for college. Mrs. Tucker was a hard worker and an amazing student growing up. Her hard work paid off and she earned a full scholarship to attend Newberry College in South Carolina. While in college she learned to be an accountant. After working as an accountant for 14 years, Mrs. Tucker decided she wanted to help teach others how to become accountants! She now works as a Professor at Coastal Carolina University. In her free time, Mrs. Tucker's hobbies include cooking (she is famous for her cakes and cupcakes!), reading and going to the beach with her family. Both of her boys, Sammy and Edward are very important and special to her. She enjoys watching both of them play football! We truly enjoyed learning about your life today Mrs. Tucker! Thank you for helping us realize that every place we spend money there is someone (hopefully like you) doing the accounting!

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