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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mr. Michael Parks, Duncan's Special Guest

A beautiful sunrise surrounded by blue ocean as far as the eye can see is what greets Captain Michael Parks as his day begins on the Miss Hayley ship. His crew is looking for oil in the sea floor. Recently, Mr. Parks just returned from an assignment off of the coast of Nicaragua. In his down time on the ship when he is not working he enjoys watching movies. He told us that he is able to see dolphins, whales and even sharks occasionally out at sea! The Miss Hayley is 200 feet long and 65 feet tall. It usually cruises around 10 Nautical Miles per hour (or 15 miles per hour). Mr. Parks job has taken him all around the world! His passport is almost full from visiting so many countries! He is fluent in German and Spanish. The children enjoyed listening to him count for us in German. When Mr. Parks is back home he truly enjoys being with his family. They love to go out to eat, play outside and be together! Duncan loves to play Lego's with his dad. Mr. Parks told us that education is so important and he uses what he learned in school every day! It was a true pleasure hearing the story of Mr. Park's heart today!

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful morning. These kids asked some awesome questions!