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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mr. Jeff LeCours, Joshua's Special Guest

Have you ever wondered who cleans the outside of of high rise buildings, hotels and many other hard to clean places? We know one person who can do it! Today we interviewed Mr. Jeff LeCours, Joshua's dad. He told us all about creating his own business called JL Pressure Washing. We learned all about how he manages a successful, growing, business and also how he enjoys being his own boss. When Mr. LeCours is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa, daughter, Jessica and his son, Joshua! He also enjoys bowling, watching movies and football. Mr. LeCours is originally from Boston. Our class thanks Mr. LeCours for the very considerate gift of pens and mini flashlights! We will think of you when we use them! It was a joy to learn all about the business of pressure washing and the heart's story of Mr. LeCours today.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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