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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freedom Readers

On Saturday, January 22, we were invited to come and share our Hearts' Stories curriculum with a local non-profit organization called Freedom Readers. What an opportunity it was to share ways of building community while integrating reading and writing. After proudly displaying what our second graders are doing with the program, I was able to share with the Freedom Readers group how they can make it work in their own "out of school" setting. I am encouraged and excited to see how Hearts' Stories can fit any age or educational model. Our Non-Profit, Hearts' Stories: A Vision for Change, was able to donate $140 in books to use as mentor text within the program, 28 steno pads for note taking, a $60 supply check and two t-shirts for the director of the program! What an incredible blessing it is to see the Non-Profit continue to grow with the original vision and mission of helping others, help others! Freedom Readers, thank you for the invitation on Saturday. We can't wait to hear about your guests and the stories in their hearts! To learn more about Freedom Readers, please visit their website at

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  1. YAY!! I got to volunteer with Freedom Readers last summer and it was a wonderful experience!! Awesome that you're getting to partner with them and help with donations!! Love it! Love it! <3