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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mrs. Sandra, Michael's Special Guest

Buenas Dias! This morning we met the most courageous woman, Mrs. Sandra! Michael invited his mom to come today as his special guest. Mrs. Sandra told us that she is orginally from Mexico. We asked her what her favorite Mexican holiday is and she told us all about November 20th which is Independence Day in Mexico. It also happens to be her son, Michael's birthday!

Mrs. Sandra spoke to us in English and Spanish today. We loved listening to her. Michael helped his mom by translating a few things for the class. Today we learned that Mrs. Sandra's family is very important to her. She loves her two sons Michael and Stuart very much. Together with her family, they enjoy being at home and going to the beach. What courage it took for Mrs. Sandra to come today and be interviewed by our class in her second language!

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