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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Adam Lesley, Megan's Special Guest

Do you know how much work goes into keeping us safe and healthy? Mr. Adam Lesley does because it is his job at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. He told us how his job consists of many different responsibilities from food safety, animal safety, personal health and wellness and many more! Mr. Lesley enjoys many things in his spare time. He told us he has been to more than 50 concerts! He even had a picture with one of the members from his favorite band named, Yes! Some of his favorites include, pizza, the color blue, old T.V. shows and video games. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife Pam and children Scott and Megan. We enjoyed learning about your job Mr. Lesley! You inspired us to take an "in school" field trip to the lunch room to find out more about what our own school is doing to keep us safe! We found out our lunch room scored an A on their DHEC inspection! Way to go FES! We count on you to keep us healthy and safe! Thank you for helping us understand your job and your hobbies, Mr. Lesley.

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