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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mrs. Kate Cord, Johnny's Special Guest

Each of us has a special gift or talent. Do you know what Mrs. Kate Cord's is? We do! She is a beautiful pianist! Mrs. Cord was invited by her son, Johnny to come and be interviewed by our class today. She shared with us that she has worked for 20 years as a medical transcriptionist. Her vocabulary of scientific words is incredible! She knows all about the human body and what the medical terms are called. After Mrs. Cord told us about her job in the community she shared with us all about her family. Her children Johnny and Christina are very special to her. Johnny is named after Mrs. Cord's husband, Mr. John Cord. We enjoyed learning all about Mrs. Cord today. She left us with a very important message...always be yourself and chase your dreams! She ended her interview with a wonderful sense of humor by saying, "That's all she wrote!".

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