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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr. Jim Clement, Daniel's Special Guest

On Thursday, March 18th we met a local hero! We met Daniel's special guest, Mr. Jim Clement. He is a Firefighter! Mr. Clement uses courage to do his job. He works 24 hour shifts from 7 am to 7am the next day. He keeps a very special picture of his family in his fire hat. Mr. Clement has done many jobs besides his current job. He served in the army for several years and was also a chef! His first job however was working in his family's hardware store. That is how he came to know his wife! She worked across the street from the hardware store! Mr. Clement loves to spend time with his family. They like to go to the beach, play on the swings and simply just be together! We are so glad we were able to get to know Mr. Clement!

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