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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mrs. Hafida, Malak's Special Guest

What a wonderful interview we had today! Our special guest spoke to us in her 3rd language! Today we interviewed Mrs. Hafida, Malak's mom. Her first language in her native country of Morocco is Arabic. Secondly, Mrs. Hafida speaks French. Finally, she also speaks English! How incredible! We enjoyed learning about the customs, traditions and religion of the people in Morocco. Mrs. Hafida told us a little about one holiday called Ramadan. We enjoyed learning that other places celebrate holidays that we do not traditionally celebrate here in the United States. Mrs. Hafida had someone very special with her during her interview - baby Adam! It was a joy meeting Adam. We could tell that he is very precious to Mrs. Hafida. She told us that her children are very dear to her. Her daughter Malak's name means angel in Arabic. Her son's name "Walid" means hero. We learned so much about Mrs. Hafida today! Thank you for helping us travel to a new country through your stories today!

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