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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mr. Harry Dill, Extreme Makeover Home Edition Builder

Today I'd like to share the story of Mr. Harry Dill with you through the eyes of second grade student Cheyenne McGowan.

"Guess what, Guess what? I met Mr. Harry Dill from Extreme Home Makeover Edition! He was from Sweet Home Alabama, wow! He moved to South Carolina when he was 2 yeards old. He likes to help people. He built a church and a house at the same time. He has 3 children and 1 grandchild, wow! He has one girl. Her name is Caroline and he has two boys named Justin and Kirby. His favorte color is blue. Mine is too, wow! He likes to help people. He makes dreams come true. Mr. Harry Dill's first Makeover was in 2007 and his second one was in 2009. Finally, his third one was in 2010.Mr. Harry believes he can do anything no matter what people say. Today I told you all about our special guest interview."

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